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Welcome to North East Insomnia and Sleep Medicine

     We’re pleased to be one of the New York Metropolitan Area’s premier medical practices specializing in the treatment of Sleep Disorders.  Under the directorship of Dr. Ahmed Fadil, Northeast Insomnia & Sleep Medicine has helped thousands of individuals regain their lives and enjoy increased energy, improved memory, and greater productivity. 


     In today’s intense 24-hour world, sleep deprivation has reached epidemic levels.  Whether psychological, drug or alcohol-related, or the result of a strenuous work schedule, lack of good, restful sleep causes chronic fatigue, irritability, depression, low libido, and decreased productivity at work or school.  While your personal sleep issues should be evaluated and treated professionally and individually, Northeast Insomnia & Sleep Medicine offers these tips for sleeping well:  First, try to maintain a regular schedule for bedtime and wake time, even on days off.  Use your bedroom only for sleep, recovery from an illness, and marital relations, and avoid TV or unpleasant discussion when in the bedroom.  Last but not least, avoid consuming alcohol or stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine before bed. 


Insomnia Sleep Disorders Pulmonary Sleep Tips Contact Us

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